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Women's empowerment day 2022

Our Women’s Empowerment Day was nothing short of amazing! We were encouraged, edified, and emPOWERED by our very own First Lady Penny Elam who started us off reminding us “We can Have What We Say,” when we say what we say; that is when we speak the Word of God mixed with Faith, knowing God cannot lie, if HE said it, that settles it!!! Every Woman left believing she really could have what she says! Thank you First Lady Penny, we honor you!

Our guest speaker Dr. Belinda Moss of Soteria Life Center invoked the “Warrior Spirit” within us as she ministered with Dunamis Power and demonstration of the Spirit, and we left knowing that our words we speak good or bad will bring a harvest in this season. We also learned for those who are wives that a “helpmeet” in Hebrew is an “Ezer” and she is like the Holy Spirit who is our helper! She is powerful and necessary for the Man to be successful in his vision! How many Ezers are out there!  this day was awesome and an experience!!! We had amazing vendors, awareness tables and a special presentation on “Emotional Wellness”, from Suzanne Fullwood.